Innermost Snowdrop Pendant Light


Brand: Innermost
Designer: Stone Designs
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Innermost Snowdrop Pendant Light

Snowdrop is a brightly coloured aluminium pendant light with a glass diffusing sphere designed by Stone Designs.

Cutu and Eva of Stone Designs do a lot of work in Japan, design a lot of restaurants and are 2 of the most colourful characters we know in the industry.  It’s easy to see how all of this could combine and end in a design like Snowdrop.
Supposedly based on the flower of the same name (yep we get that) but a lot people say ‘manga’, ‘cartoons’, ’emoji’, ‘candy’……  Whatever the origin, these are lamps of character.  With a choice of six colours for the cap, cord and ceiling rose that sit above a blown glass sphere.  The glow of the lamp seems to intensify the colour more even more.

Material: Aluminium and glass

Colours: Green / Orange / Purple / Yellow / Pink / Aqua

Dimensions: 24cm diameter x 22cm H

Light source: UK/EU E27 Max 100 W (not included)

Recommended Bulb: LED Globe Bulbs 400 – 1000 lumen output and from 2700K (for warmer with more colour), up to 6000K (daylight)

Ceiling Rose: Matches with product colour hemisphere

Cable: 4m, braided cable colour matches product colour

Specifications & Installation Guide

The Designer: In September 1995, designers Cutu Mazuelos and Eva Prego decided to start their own studio. Stone Design Concepts Inc. was thus born to tell a story from their perspectives and without censorship. For this reason, they have never worked for anyone else, and lessons were learned and skills mastered through personal hardship and sacrifice.

Stone Designs began with interior designs, stands and displays, for companies with which they truly feel an affinity. Amongst them included such names as Lexus, Telepizza, Havaianas, and Coca Cola. They also designed furniture for brands such as the Japanese Muji and the Swedish Offecct or the Spanish RS.

Stone Designs is the story of two young hopefuls desiring to tell things in a different way. It is the constant search for new languages, a journey to the heart of the people around them and telling them how to enjoy life in the best and most comfortable way possible – simply.

The BrandInnermost’s rebellious approach to lighting and furniture comes from a shared anarchic pursuit of design freedom, a belief that you have to embrace the absurd in order to innovate. So innermost has innovation and a little absurdity at it’s core; working with designers from all corners of the globe to create beautifully unique products of the absolute highest quality, since 1999.

Back in central London in 1999, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron had a shared vision to create a company utilising their extended experience in design consultancy and furniture design. They had seen plenty of inspired ideas from raw, talented designers that were never being advanced beyond the conceptual. Realising that if they combined their design and manufacturing experience, these concepts could materialise into a unique and diverse range under a single brand. During these early discussions, the stand-out ideas were labelled those ‘close to their hearts’; ‘the inner thoughts; ‘the inner-most dreams’… And so, with a load of ideas, an in-depth manufacturing knowledge and the desire to turn stunning concepts into reality: innermost was born.

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Dimensions 24 × 22 cm





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