Jacob Jensen Bread Knife w Box

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Jacob Jensen Bread Knife w Box

Jacob Jensen Bread Knife w Box

The Jacob Jensen Bread Knife has an extra-large blade, which is suitable to cut bigger loaves. The Bread Knife remains easily controllable by means of the decent curvature of the blade when it comes to part hard crusts.

The Bread Knife out of the Jacob Jensen knives collection has a blade of high quality CiMoV15-stainless steel and a handle, which ensures maximal control over the knife. The perfect balance of the Bread Knife is also responsible for the work with this knife. More than 150 years of experience ensure the exceptional quality.

The blade of the Bread Knife by Jacob Jensen is made of one piece of steel, which is ionised in a special procedure, so that the surface gets an antibacterial effect.

The knives are made in Solingen, Germany, and forged by hand from one piece of special steel. The handle is injection-moulded POM material.

Steel: 4116×50 CrMoV15, DIN norm 4116. Rockwell 57 +/- 1, Handle: POM (Hostaform C 9021 14 Polyacetal Copolymer)

Bread Knife: 24 cm (scalloped edge: 24 cm, blade in total: 26 cm), Weight 228 kg

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