Kartell Upper Folding Step Ladder Colbalt


Brand: Kartell
Designer: Alberto Meda

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Kartell Upper Folding Step Ladder Colbalt

Kartell Upper Folding Step Ladder Colbalt

Designed: 2000

Folding Step Ladder

Origin: Italy

Co Designed: Alberto Meda – Paolo Rizzatto A successful combination of form and substance: the technique for processing the polycarbonate, as well as giving it certain aesthetic appeal, makes this practical step-ladder exceptionally resistant and functional. The metal structure is solid, welded to the transparent polycarbonate, polished and crystalline body. The non-skid steps are practical and safe. Ideal to be displayed by itself or by a bookcase in the lounge, in the kitchen, bathroom or night zone.

Materials Frame: stainless steel Steps: polycarbonate

Size Open: H 60 cm, W 46 cm, Dept 58 cm. Size: Folded: H 78 cm, W 46 cm, Dept 17 cm.

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