Kay Bojesen Menageri Bottle Opener 1940

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Kay Bojesen Menageri Bottle Opener 1940

The Menageri series is now launching a bottle opener and a corkscrew in exclusive dark walnut. Both items are beautifully finished and lovely to the touch, so every time you open a bottle, you enjoy an aesthetic and tactile experience. The handle is exquisite and both the corkscrew and bottle opener fit nicely in your hand. You both see and clearly sense Kay Bojesen’s signature round, soft design language. Collectors and connoisseurs will immediately recognise the bottle opener and corkscrew, which are both original Kay Bojesen designs and are now being relaunched in dark walnut – a beautiful contrast to the shiny steel. A small, discreet logo is embossed in the oil-treated wood. It accentuates the grain of the wood and adds durability.

Oiled walnut

Height 4 cm Width 15.50 cm Depth 2.50 cm