Kay Bojesen – Solid Silver Royal Guard 1942


Brand: Kay Bojesen
Designer: Kay Bojesen

Designed: 1942 Solid Silver Royal Guard Origin: Hand made in Denmark ?The lines should smile,? Kay Bojesen once explained, when asked how his famous wooden toys came about. Kay Bojesen was a craftsman, not a designer. He disliked working with pen and paper. Things took shape, they should work and perform. Objects were made from need, not from artistic reflection. If they felt good in your hand, they would please your eyes as well. He started out behind a grocer?s desk, when opportunity came knocking in shape of an apprenticeship at Georg Jensen?s silversmiths. Those were the days of Art Deco and hammered surfaces, but Kay Bojesen?s head was full of industry and machinery and the odds of reaching the many. Silver was obedient, lustrous and cumbersome, and could easily be made contemporary. His cutlery from 1938 was proof of that. If tools of steel could be made just as agreeable in your mouth, then more people could afford them. Thirteen years and a world war should pass, before steel and machines would bend to his demands. In return, the world received his flatware with the gold prize at the Triennale in Milan in 1951. Dimensions: L 12cm, W 5cm.

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