Kundalini Floor Light KYUDO


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Kundalini Floor Light KYUDO

Kyudo literally means the “way of the bow”, a thousand-year-old discipline inspired by Zen philosophy. And like an arc of light, the floor lamp conveys a sense of balance and elegance. The continuous sequence of LED lights creates an adjustable ribbon of light thanks to the two arcs that form the structure and slide one over the other.

Floor lamp with diffuser mounted on adjustable sliding track. Extruded aluminium body with glossy varnish coating. Low voltage Led strip.

Dimmable LED


  • Height: min 157 cm / max 212 cm.
  • Length: min 43 cm / max 148 cm.
  • Base Dia:32 cm.

2 x 21,6 W Led Strip | 3000ø K warm white.

Designed: 2010 Italy