Luceplan – Alberto Meda – Starled Light Metallized with Recharging Base

Designed: 2001 Starled Light Metallized Origin: Italy The 21st century candle that lights your way anywhere! STAR-LED© Light uses a single led that generates a high luminosity white light and requires no electric wire: for the simple reason that it uses ordinary rechargeable batteries! The lamp is a summary of everything that good design thrives on: research, technology and aesthetics. Its methacrylate metallized body and prismatic head similar to a jewel make STAR-LED© Light a beautifully graceful lamp. The LED derives from technological innovation applied in the motor industry, signage and aeronautics – now also at the service of domestic lighting! The LED (Light Emitting Diodes), operated by a dedicated electronic circuit, is turned on by a switch housed in the body base strip. STAR-LED© Light operates on 3 RECHARGEABLE AA size NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) and NOT alkaline batteries, which allow them to stay on for about 4 hours. STAR-LED© Light is recharged when, like a cell phone, it is placed on the recharger strip powered by the transformer. In this position it can be kept on without discharging the batteries. STAR-LED© Light is available both in the single pack (D40 R) with batteries, and in the “Luxury” pack (D40 L) which in addition to the batteries includes the recharger strip and the transformer. Also available separately are a D40/2 accessory kit with which to recharge STAR-LED© Lights simultaneously by resting each on its own strip connected to the others, and a D40/1 accessory kit comprising the strip and transformer for the recharging of a single STAR-LED© Light. Body in metallized. Prismatic head housing a high luminosity white LED powered by a dedicated electronic circuit. The switch is housed in the body base. It operates with 3 RECHARGEABLE AA size NiMH (Nichel Metal Hydride). WARNING: use only rechargeable and not alkaline batteries. Size: H 31 cm, Base 8 x 8 cm.


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