Luceplan Illan Led Suspension light in Birch


Brand: Luceplan


Luceplan Illan Led Suspension light in Birch

The idea for the Illan LED pendant luminaire came from the Hungarian designer Zsuzsanna Horvath, who tested different materials while experimenting with the laser cutter. She cut wood into thin lines, giving the material new properties such as light transmission and flexibility. The Illan LED pendant luminaire combines these features and thus becomes a stylish, extraordinary lighting object for every living room.

The Luceplan pendant reacts to the slightest movement of the air, giving it a light, carefree appearance. At the same time, the filigree wooden rods reflect the light in a gentle way, creating a warm atmosphere in the room. The luminaire is located on the border between art and design and combines functionality and aesthetics paired with a little magic.

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