Luceplan Trama Wall Ceiling Light


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Luceplan Trama Wall Ceiling Light

Designed: 1996

Origin: Italy

Created by Luciano Balestrini and Paolo Longhi for Italian lighting label Luceplan, the Trama Wall/Ceiling Lamp is a stylish lighting solution for any contemporary space. A durable aluminium base and hard-wearing plastic diffuser ensure the Trama Wall/Ceiling Lamp will look its best for years to come. Although it’s incredibly sturdy, this fixture is surprisingly lightweight at just 5 kg, meaning that installation is almost effortless. This fixture can be mounted vertically or horizontally, providing a convenient light source for almost any space. Use one individually for overhead lighting in smaller rooms, or mount a succession of lights along corridor ceilings for ample illumination.

Aluminium body, weft-silkscreened polycarbonate diffuser

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