Magis Archetoys Bulldozer


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Magis Archetoys Bulldozer

A collection of toys for children and adults, or a design project exploring our collective memory, in search of timeless archetypes? ArcheToys ticks both boxes: the idea is the brainchild of Floris Hovers, a Dutch designer who uses the simplicity of shapes, colours and materials to seek a balance between work and play, analysis and intuition, craftsmanship and mass-production. ArcheToys model vehicles bring together a range of different aspects: the study of toys of the past, personal memories, graphics and industrial design, the discovery or rediscovery of sensations that are concrete and not simply virtual, the pleasures of playing and of collecting. Two new series were also added to the many types, shapes and colours already available: the building site, with a silo surrounded by cranes, diggers and other construction vehicles, all in a classic orange colour, and the farm, complete with tractors and trailers. Two further worlds to create a universe where playing becomes part of everyday life for all ages.

Designed: 2013 Origin: Italy

Materials: steel profiles, painted in epoxy resin.

Magis logo is stamped on each product of our
collection vouching for their originality.

Size: H 7.5 cm, L 11.5 cm, W 5 cm

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