Magis Birds Mobil Sculpture Grey


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Magis Birds Mobil Sculpture Grey

Magis Birds Mobil Sculpture Grey – The Birds sculpture: a decorative piece by Magis with extraordinary artistic value.

Magis is an Italian brand that offers pieces with extraordinary decorative value, many of which exude a great stylistic originality. The Birds sculpture is one of them, a piece with deep artistic essence which will not go unnoticed but rather admired for its gracefulness.

This creation is a companion piece to another set of sculptures by Magis, the Clouds and Fish models, different when it comes to what is depicted yet similar in how they are made. Designed by Benedetta Mori Ubaldini, the Birds sculpture is available in two different sizes but the extraordinary originality of this article is linked not to the size but to the particular material used for its realization, i.e. metal mesh coated with epoxy resin.

Though this object can be appreciated for its three-dimensionality, it is almost transparent, ethereal, and this gives it a feeling of lightness consistent with the representation of an animal in flight.

The Birds sculpture can be placed on any surface or even installed on the ceiling to create a fascinating effect: it is in fact equipped with a special fixing hook that makes this operation is quite easy. A great idea can be that to match a great number of such sculptures together, or to the Fish and Clouds collection for a striking effect.

Last but not least, the simple style of this decorative element makes it absolutely perfect for any environment, from classic and casual, to the elegant and refined.

Material: sculpture in metal mesh painted in epoxy resin.

Supplied with hook for ceiling suspension.

Available in different sizes

Small: L 35 cm, H8 cm,  W 53 cm, Kg 1.5

Large: L 46 cm, H 10 cm,  W 48 cm, Kg 1.6

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