Magis Konstantin Grcic Ettore Mule


Brand: Magis

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Magis Konstantin Grcic Ettore Mule

Designed: 2016

Ornament / door-stop

Origin: Italy

Konstantin Grcic has designed an iron mule named “Ettore” to celebrate Magis 40th anniversary. The emblem reflects the spirit of the italian furniture company in being hard working and tireless. “Ettore turned out a real mule, its legs firmly on the ground, determined and strong. but it is also a beautiful thing, loveable and playful. just like Magis.” !!<>!!The Magis Mule!!<>!! because it’s humble, it’s not conceited, it doesn’t show off, because it’s a tireless worker, because it never gives up, when it falls it picks itself up, because it doesn’t look for the easy way out, because it loves a challenge, because it’s innately, intensely curious and therefore continuously explores new paths

Material: cast-iron treated with manganese iron phosphate coating

Size: L 25 cm, W 6.5 cm, H 18 cm

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