Magis Football Tape


Brand: Magis
Designer: martí guixé

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Magis Football Tape

Magis Football Tape – For the children of the Magis collection line “ME TOO” one thing

This is a Futsal ball tape.

I think the tape was just cute pattern, it doesn’t.

Crumpled paper or cloth, and it to round wrapped with tape.

Was that during the completion of the soccer ball!

Because the populace with a paper or cloth eco in

Such concepts and nurture children’s creativity, also trapped.

Anything provided in the finished series toys, children can only play better prepared.

If this tape into Bell and enjoy the sound, making the ball

Using the tape can be used in the various craft other than the ball.

How to play freely in the flexible creativity of children!

Of course even adults can enjoy this tape. In the present is recommended!

Adhesive tape to make paper balls in acrylic polypropylene.


Size: Dia 10.5 cm, L 660 cm, W 5 cm.

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