Magis Tibu Adjustable Height Stool


Brand: Magis
Designer: Espen Voll
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Magis Tibu Adjustable Height Stool

Magis Tibu Adjustable Height Stool – The design of Tibu is a seamless connection of seat and footrest. A Kvadrat or polyurethane seat lays on a frame of polyester painted steel. One colour covers the while stool, emphasizing the equivalence of the single design elements.

The Tibu stool by Magis is height adjustable between 60 and 77 cm and it is therewith suitable to be used at tables and counters of different heights. The seat can also be ordered with a fabric cover, which is adapted to the colour of the base and which suits the design of Andersen & Voll uniformly.

The Tibu barstool is also available in further colours as well as in fixed heights of 66 cm or 76 cm.

Adjustable in height with gas piston. Frame in steel painted

Height: 77/60 cm, Depth: 37 cm, Length: 37 cm, Diameter: 37 cm

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