Magisso – Sink Sponge Holder Snow White

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Brand: Magis

Designed: 2012 Sink Sponge Holder Snow White Origin: Finland Keep your kitchen sponge close at hand, without it cluttering up the sink?with the Magisso White Sponge Holder. Instead of suction cups, Magisso uses strong magnets, keeping you from constantly having to readjust and reapply it to the side of your sink. Installation is easy, there is no drilling required and it will not scratch or stain the surface of the sink. The Magisso White Sponge Holder is fixed with two strong magnets to the side of your sink, and allows you to remove and replace as needed. The Sponge Holder allows for space on either side of the sponge; providing proper ventilation for easy and quick drying. Available in a crisp white finish. Durable PC handle Sponge not included.

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