Menu Platinum Galerie Candleholder

£30.00 £14.70

Brand: Menu
Designer: Pernille Vea


Menu Platinum Galerie Candleholder

The Galerie candleholders’ glasses are decorated with hearts, circles or flourishes in platinum. Consequently, the candleholders function far more as decorations in themselves. At the same time, however, the decorations are discreet enough not to drown out the content and the personality that people bring to them by filling the glasses.

Candleholder with decorated glass that can be filled and decorated as desired. The whole product is easy to take apart, and the parts can be used separately, e.g. as a vase or shallow holder for tealights which can be placed directly on the table or in the window. And the glasses may be used separately as drinking glasses.

Size: H: 15.5 cm, ø 6.0 cm 

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