Menu – Tarben Rosmussen – Toothpick Man Turquoise

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Designed: 2002 Toothpick Man Origin: Denmark The little “weight lifter” in Menu’s toothpick dispenser holds up a clean toothpick in his outstretched arms every time you lift and drop the black cover. A hygienic way to keep toothpicks. With a gentle push of the colour cover, a clean toothpick pops up in the “little man’s” arms. A fun gimmick with a playful element of surprise. An attention-getter! Practical details: A bag of toothpicks is included. Refill the dispenser by lifting the top of the black cover. Use only round wooden toothpicks (max. 7cm) to refill the dispenser. Materials: Metal and plastic Size: H: 8.4 cm W: 7.8 cm D: 3.5 cm

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