Mimime – Large Squirrel Cage Filament Light Bulb 40W E27

Large Squirrel Cage Filament Light Bulb 40W E27 These beautiful hand mounted decorative filament light bulbs ignite feelings of nostalgia for the original light bulb of the 1930’s. The beautiful long filament emits a warm glow of light, which can be used at full strength as a room light, or with a dimmer switch to create a simplistic, but unparalleled design feature. Common to the high end design house, these beautiful homeware accessories would suit any design enthusiasts home or business premises. As the CE certified bulbs are hand mounted, each bulb has the subtlest of differences in the shape of filament, making it totally unique. Specifications: – CE certified – 220-240V – 40W – 260 Lumen – 1500 hours life expectancy. (increases dramatically when using with a dimmer switch) – Dimensions: 64x145mm approx – Packaged in almost 100% recycled packaging PLEASE NOTE: ALL PHOTOS TAKEN WITH A DIMMER SWITCH


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