Mineheart Bubblegum Portrait Man Stool


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Mineheart Bubblegum Portrait Man Stool

Mineheart Bubblegum Portrait Man Stool

This stool an extension to the ‘Bubblegum portrait’ collection created in collaboration with digital artists Kirin Young. The series features well to-do nobles in all their finery, letting go of their strict etiquette that causes them to go unnoticed, instead letting their bubblegum habit add a little mischief to their portraits. These cheeky upholstered ottomans for ‘Lords’ and ‘Ladies’, bring a touch of British humour in to the bedroom or living room. The design is digitally printed on to fabric, and then upholstered on to a round cylindrical form or elegant proportions.

Size :38cm D x 43cm H

Materials used:

Fabric : 100% Polyester

Sponge : UK standard Fireproof sponge

Inside: Plate and solid wood

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