Mineheart – Corset Armchair Black


Brand: Mineheart

Corset Armchair Black Leather Back and Black Velvet Seat Origin: UK The corset will forever be associated with the Victorian desire for the perfect hourglass figure and here Young and Battaglia have combined this famous 18th century fashion with the traditional Victorian style armchair in a daring union of history and design. The corset was a mainstay of the female wardrobe from the Tudor times to the First World War and whether you associate it with Scarlett in Gone with the Wind or more recently the burlesque of Dita Von Teese, it is undeniably an iconic piece of female history. Young and Battaglia have created a unique back for the chair using a corset design that is hand-made from leather and laced with ribbon. This surprising merger of fashion and design elevates this chair into a real statement piece. Beech frame with velvet upholstered padded seat and manchettes, leather corset back Size: H 108 cm, W 64 cm, Depth 70 cm

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