Nemo Sorella Table Light 1972


Brand: Nemo
Designer: Harvey Guzzini
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Nemo Sorella Table Light 1972

Nemo Sorella Table Light 1972 – Sorella is a table lamp with timeless forms, designed in the ’70s is still modern and contemporary to the present day. It adapts to any type of furniture and environments, it can be placed on nightstand, desk or on coffee table in the living room. It emits a directed light downwards, this feature makes it perfect as a reading lamp.

Dersigned: 1972

Origin: Italy

Many of you will remember the TV series of the 1970’s Space 1999. It seems incredible now but in the mid 70’s the year 2000 signified the ‘Future’ a future that would be similar to daily life on Moon Base Alpha the setting for this futuristic TV series where we imagined it would not be so far fetched to be living on the Moon. The iconoclastic form of the Sorella lamp stupefied us as it sat proudly at the control centre of Moon Base Alpha with its simple forms and adherence to the design principles which still inspire us to this day.

Body in polycarbonate shiny white.

Bulb: E27 18W dimmable (not included)

Size: H 30 cm, W 26 cm.

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