Normann Copenhagen Washing-up Bowl w Brush


Designer: Ole Jensen
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Normann Copenhagen Washing-up Bowl w Brush

Normann Copenhagen Washing-up Bowl w Brush

Washing-up Bowl is an innovative and flexible piece of kitchen equipment that breaks up the boredom of everyday routines. Normann Copenhagen is now launching the Washing-up Bowl in an inviting mint colour that oozes simplicity, cleanliness and Scandinavian elegance. The distinguished mint is drawn from delicate mineral colours and complements both cool and warm, deep colours in the kitchen.

Washing-up Bowl is also a useful object for many other things around the house, and the bold and original design offers endless possibilities to meet your every need. Use it to clean dishes, store toys, hold plants, as a magazine holder, or even as an ice cooler for champagne.
The Washing-up Bowl is flexible and strong and the design makes it suitable for everything from flowers and a foot bath to storage be it indoors or outside. 


Formlandprisen 2002, Denmark

Design Plus 2002, Germany

Selected for Phaidon Design Classics’ 999 most innovative and influential designs of the past 200 years.

Washing-up Bowl: Rubber, Brush: Beech with Natural Bristles

The flexible rubber material is approved for food.

Size: H: 28 x L: 28 x D: 14 cm, 0,8 kg

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