Normann Copenhagen – White Norm 12 Large Shade


Designer: Simon Karkov

Dispatch in 2 - 3 Weeks

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Normann Copenhagen – White Norm 12 Large Shade

Designed: 2012

Origin: Denamrk

The Norm12, named after the year 2012 when the lamp was designed, is a self assembling lamp with a round and welcoming feel. It spreads a mild and diffused anti-glare light, which is dispersed through the lampïs rounded silhouette. The Norm 12 is available in two sizes, which are finished in pure and simple matt white, and fits in well with most homes and tastes in styles. The large version is perfect for hallways or in the bedroom while the small lamp emits a comfortable light for the dining room table. Norm 12 can be cleaned with a duster or by using the shower head in the shower. The lamp shade is made of a special, non flammable plastic material. Cord, socket and light bulb are not included.

Max 60 Watt, we recommend 40 Watt.

Size: Dia 50 cm.

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