Nuance – Narrow Palette Knife

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Brand: Nuance
Designer: Marcus Vagnby

Narrow Palette Knife Origin: Denmark Elegant, long palette knife. The narrow, yet flexible blade is perfect for such tasks as turning small rissoles in the pan or loosening biscuits and rolls from a baking sheet. The palette knife is made from heat-resistant nylon material, meaning it can be used with all non-stick surfaces at temperatures up to 260ø. The ergonomically-designed handle from stainless steel and the angle of the blade ensure that you can easily get the knife in under the food regardless of how you’re holding it. The design and choice of materials, just as with the other tools in NUANCE?s kitchen range, reflect a desire to combine the functional with the beautiful in way that makes a difference in your everyday. Material: Nylon head, stainless steel handle.

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