Nuance – Soup Ladle Large

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Brand: Nuance
Designer: Marcus Vagnby

Soup Ladle Origin: Denmark The NUANCE Ladle has an extra long shaft, making it both attractive and practical for use with large soup pots, deep terrines and deep punch bowls. Yet another fine example of the small details included by Marcus Vagnby when he designed NUANCE?s elegant range of kitchen implements. The spoon head can hold a volume of liquid equivalent to a full cup. It?s made from nylon and can withstand temperatures up to 260øC, meaning you can ladle out the soup straight from the stove. The ergonomically designed handle is made of stainless steel, making this spoon dishwasher-friendly. Material: Nylon head, stainless steel handle. sIZE: l 35.5 CM

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