Nuance – Spatula

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Brand: Nuance
Designer: Marcus Vagnby

Spatula Origin: Denmark The NUANCE Spatula is not only an attractive kitchen tool. It?s quite simply a bit more thought-through and practical in daily use compared to other spatulas. This stiff, silicone-coated spatula is round on one side and angular on the other. This makes it equally useful for bowls and pots. The silicone material can withstand temperatures up to 300øC, meaning the spatula can be used with hot pans, for example – including non-stick ones. The handle is designed to give you a firm grip no matter how you choose to hold the spatula. The NUANCE Spatula is a tool you’ll be more and more pleased to have around. Materials: The handle is made from stainless steel and the head of the spatula is made from silicone. Dishwasher-safe.

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