Nuance Tree Dual Grinder

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Brand: Nuance
Designer: Marcus Vagnby


Nuance Tree Dual Grinder 

This sculptural dual grinder is practically designed with upwards facing grinders so that you don’t get salt and pepper all over the table. Designer Marcus Vagnby took his inspiration for the shape of a tree. The Dual Tree Grinder is made from acrylic and silicone and it’s grinding size can be adjusted from very coarse to fine. 

Available in Black, Lime, Dark Blue and Red.

Height: 25 cm

The Designer: VAGNBYS is a young and upcoming design label with a truly Scandinavian design heritage. The name VAGNBYS goes back to a 3 generation long tradition in design and is now successfully represented by Marcus Vagnby – one of the young, upcoming design stars of Denmark.

At the heart of VAGNBY’s design portfolio is the love for exclusive, stylish yet functional wine and table accessories. They aim to becoming one of  the leading brands for functional wine & table accessories

The Brand: Nuance is rooted in timeless, simple Nordic design that is always highly functional. This is symbolised by the beautiful and majestic swan in the Nuance logo, which in Scandinavia is both pleasing to the eye and synonymous with thoughtful ‘functionality’.

Behind each product is a Nordic designer or design team using innovative thoughts and offbeat ideas to create new functions and new designs. The choice of materials is determined by the need to use and emphasise the individual material’s unique characteristics, whether the design is based on the strongest contemporary materials, such as classical wood varieties, cast iron or elegant steel.

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Dimensions25 cm



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