Opinion Ciatti Mammamia Punk Chair


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Opinion Ciatti Mammamia Punk Chair

Dotted with 398 studs that are applied exclusively by hand, Mammamia Punk is a special edition by Lapo Ciatti of the Mammamia chair and, like the original version, it has a die-cast aluminium shell and galvanised steel frame.

Presented in 2013, the year in which the entire world paid tribute to punk culture, also thanks to the prestigious exhibition presented in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Mammamia Punk is a chair that aims to escape definition, be unconventional, with a strong and bold character, in line with the movement which it proudly recalls in its name.

Available in an indoor version, like the other seats in this range it is highly personal sable: a myriad of different combinations can be achieved by changing shellframe and studs.

Shell options range from the minimal look of the black or white varnish, different alternatives of the hand-polished mirror effect version that will definitely not go unnoticed.

Frame and studs can be co-ordinated with the shell or playfully combined in a chrome or gold finish.

The product comply with UNI-EN 16139:2013 European Standards which determine the resistance, durability and safety requirements of chairs 

Size: H 79 cm, Seat H 44 cm, W 47 cm, Depth 53 cm.