Piet Hein – Piet Hein – Super Egg Ice Cube

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Piet Hein – Super Egg Ice Cube

Super Egg Ice Cube Origin: Denmark The super-egg shaped drink-cooler in function. It does not dilute the drink, can go into the dishwasher and can be frozen in your deep-freezer an endless number of times. The Super Egg as a drink-cooler is the result of many scientific experiments with the purpose of finding the ideal cooling method for drinks. The Super Egg formed like this contains a (secret) chemical liquid (water) which is why it has 2 advantages: 1. It cools the drink more than twice as long 2. It does not dilute the drink In time place the right number of Super Eggs in the freezer. The “Eggs” will start turning lustreless and then slowly descend through the degrees of cold. When after an hour they are completely frozen they are ready. Do not seize them with moist fingers – the fingers will freeze on to the Super Eggs! – But with ice tongs or a spoon. – Tilt the glass a bit when putting the Super Egg in. See to it that the Super Egg is placed in a vertical position. This is purely an aesthetic precaution. After that, pour the whisky or the cocktail in. Finally when it has fulfilled its mission as a drinks cooler the Super Egg may forthwith pass on to its function as an entertainment factor in that one tries to roll it into the upright position in the many different possible ways, all of which is often quite suitable for the time when drinks have been swigged. The growing number of Super Eggs collected this way will ensure the consumer more and more entertainment and relaxation. – Once the number exceeds what a person can manage to control in practice on the table, that individual will find it natural to continue on the floor. For such divertissements the Super Egg is greatly superior to the ice cube since it may be put into one’s pocket and be used the next time again – concerning which solely the worst of experiences have been gained using ice cubes. In an aesthetically pleasing way the Super Egg also replaces the olive which it is otherwise your unpleasant duty to eat – or adversely you will have it on your conscience not eating it – and it is a billion times as durable.

Size: L 3.5 cm , W 2.5 cm