Qubus – Digi Clock White Porcelain


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Qubus – Digi Clock White Porcelain

Designed: 2001

Table Clock

Origin: Czech Republic

The traditional Czech carriage clock. This relic, from an aesthetic point of view, continues to satisfy clients who long for something beautiful and luxurious, across the spectrum of time, its ancient model dating back to the Rococo. The designer used an “antique” clock of a type still made in the Czech Republic to this day, “violating” it by implanting a digital display. The clock, a new way of looking at an old design, was included among the ten most innovative products at 100% Design in London in 2002. Maxim Velcovsky says: I cleaned the typical shape of its cobalt ornament and left it monochrome, in its original nakedness. I removed the mechanical hands and crudely implanted a futuristic display in the old-fashioned body. The display counts down the time and resembles an explosive, an aesthetic bomb that might damage your taste.

Material: Porcelain

Size: 8.5 x 26 x 32 cm. Weight: 2500 g

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