Rexite Coat Stand POP


Rexite Coat Stand POP

The striking head is made of polycarbonate moulded by gas-assisted injection to achieve a soft, floral shape, ideal for hanging up any kind of clothing without misshaping the fabric.

dimensions Ø 38 x h 167 cm
net weight 5,30 Kg

Materials & finishing:

head in engineering polymer, transparent or batch dyed or aluminium painted with thermoplastic acrylic paint
rod in steel, epoxy painted white, red, black, pearl grey
or aluminium painted with thermoplastic acrylic
base in steel
base cover in engineering polymer (ABS) batch dyed, or aluminium painted
floor protection in polyester
recycling 100%

Maintenance : wash with water and neutral soap, wipe carefully with a soft cloth, do not use alcohol, chemical products or abrasives