Ritzenhoff – La Vela Small Candle 2200004

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Brand: Ritzenhoff
Designer: Roger Selden

Designed: 2006 Candle Origin: Germany Decorated lantern candle with stainless steel candle snuffer. Size: H 10 cm, Dia 8 cm. Fire magic to conjure with! The La Vela wax lanterns from Ritzenhoff make a room shine and shimmer. And the design really warm things up. The material: wax inside wax, of the very highest quality. The core kindles ambience and gradually melts, while the mantle remains, waiting to be awoken to new life. As the candle burns down an outer rim of wax remains, which can be kindled back to life using tealights. The candles are packaged in a high quality gift pack, and come with a stainless steel candle snuffer.

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