Rosendahl – Bamboo Oval Buttering Board 2pcs Set


Brand: Rosendahl
Designer: Rosendahl

Designed: 2015 Bamboo Oval Buttering Board 2pcs Set Origin: Denmark 25669 Calling the oval Grand Cru butter pats in bamboo ‘multi-functional’ is no exaggeration. Use them in the kitchen and on the table: as a handy cutting board and serving dish for fruit and vegetables, as a side plate for bread, for quick snacks on the run, as an alternative to the classic luncheon or afternoon tea setting, or even as a table mat. Bamboo is an ideal material for kitchen utensils, thanks to anti-bacterial properties that prevent bacteria transferring C17to the food. Bamboo is also highly sustainable – in fact, it’s the world’s fastest-growing plant and can grow up to one metre in a day. Make this cutting board a thoughtful gift for a host or hostess – or for yourself. Bamboo Size: H 0.6 cm, L 27.5 cm, W 15.2 cm.

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