Rosendahl – Kay Bojesen – Childrens Tableware 3pcs Set Danish Letters


Brand: Kay Bojesen
Designer: Kay Bojesen

Childrens Tableware 3pcs Set Danish Letters Origin: Denmark The three-piece, porcelain-look melamine Children?s Tableware set consists of a 22 cm plate, an 18.4 cm deep dish and a 220 ml cup ? all made in child-friendly shapes and sizes. The Children?s Tableware set is designed in accordance with Kay Bojesen?s desire to encourage children to combine learning with play and creativity. All of a sudden ? using the cutlery as the hands ? the plate converts into a clock, while the deep dish full of warm porridge becomes an edible spelling plate! The cup can also be used for learning to spell. To give the child a helping hand, letters for spelling easy words are located close together. The set comes in a super gift box and is an obvious first present for a little one! Please note: Melamine. Dishwasher and freezer safe. Not microwave safe. Size: Plate Dia 22 cm, Mug 22cl, Deep plate Dia 18.4 cm.

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