Royal Copenhagen White Fluted Vase Medium


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Royal Copenhagen White Fluted Vase Medium

Royal Copenhagen White Fluted Vase Medium

White Fluted tells the story of royal porcelain and craftsmanship in a minimalist and contemporary style. The result? A modern classic. Its pure whiteness and simple design make it ideal for mixing with other fluted dinnerware designs. For those who enjoy life without compromising on quality, White Fluted offers an ideal everyday service for the modern home. Pure elegant simplicity. The basic design is identical to the Blue Fluted Plain, Blue Fluted Mega and White Signature services and mixes well – it stands out cool and elegant on its own, too. This beautiful and elegant vase makes your flowers look even prettier.

Item No.: 1020512
Height: 15 cm
Main material: Porcelain
Design by: Royal Copenhagen
Production start: 2016

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