Senses – S1 Floor/Table Light


Brand: Senses

S1 Floor Light Origin: Switzerland The senses light has a sense for motion and the surrounding brightness and reacts accordingly. Your high tech sense organ is concealed invisibly in the foot: a sensor transmits signals and receives the echo. Even small movements in the echo pattern are recognised by the microprocessor and the light is turned up. In the abscence of movement for a certain period of time, the light is dimmed again. The duration of illumination, range of motiond detection and twilight threshold can be individually selected. It is also possible to configure a basic brightness in the dark when no motion is detected in the vicinity. The fine opal glass shade is skilfully crafted. With its silk-matt surface, the glass shade provides perfect lighting for the home. The heavy steel foot is polished and chrome-plated. An inset rubber lip protects furniture. The glass shade is securely anchored to the foot by three precise retaining mechanisms. The transparent cable with a cord switch has a very discreet effect. The individual behaviour of the light can be adjusted using four controllers. Size: H 96.5 cm, Dia 14 cm. Output: incl. lamp Osram Halogen Energy Saver Spot R63, 42 W, 30ø (when using energy saving lamp it is essntial to set the controller to ECO, even when a dimmable energy-saving lamp is used) Lampholder: E 27 Voltage: 230-240 V/50 Hz HF system: 5.8 GHz continuous wave, ISM band. Sensor output: < 10 mW Detection: 360 , also through glass, wood and stud walls, etc. (not through metal). Reach: Approx. 0.5 - 4 m on average in the radius around the light, infinitely adjustable. Time setting: 15 sec - 30 min. Twilight setting: 2 - 2000 lux. Brightness control: 0 - 50 % adjustable. Manual overide: max. 12 hours (by switch in power cord). Permanent light OFF: by switching at the power switch (0). Enclosure: IP 20 Power consumption: Approx. 0.6 watts. Eyes E1 Floor Light and others are on show at our Milton Keynes showroom. Please call 01908 307020 to make an appointment.

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