Senz Automatic Foldable Umbrella


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Senz Automatic Foldable Umbrella

The SENZ Automatic is the must-have foldable umbrella, which easily fits your bag. The aerodynamic shape lets the umbrella float on the wind. Their unique eyesavers help to protect the eyes of your fellow pedestrians and its unique shape stands out in every crowd.

The aerodynamic shape allows this compact windproof umbrella to withstand wind speeds of up to 80 km/h. Its innovative mechanism allows you to open and close the umbrella with the push of a button. Our premium, high-density fabric not only protects you from the rain, but it also offers great UV protection. It has a protection standard of UPF50+, which means that over 98% of the UV radiation is blocked!

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This umbrella comes with an unique senz° luxury sleeve to carry your umbrella in style and store it when you don’t need it.

Size opened: 91cm x 91cm x H 57cm Length when closed: 28 cm

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