SENZ Automatic Umbrella Blue w Pearl Earring


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SENZ Automatic Umbrella Blue w Pearl Earring

SENZ Automatic Umbrella Blue w Pearl Earring – This ultimate windproof umbrella is the perfect combination between style and innovation. The frame is made of steel (mainly done by hand) and the ribs are made from various materials such as steel aluminum and fiberglass which we improve constantly to ensure its perfect bendable capacity that let’s our umbrella float with the wind and not bend over. On the bottom of the handle we have our signature umbrella icon as doming so you can recognize a real senz°.

We at senz° love the rain and want you and others to enjoy the rain as much as we do. To ensure you don’t injure another commuter we made sure all our umbrellas have perfect eye savers. We strive to stay the best storm umbrella in the world. Therefore we are continuously testing our umbrellas in our wind tunnel that blows wind up to 190km/h. And still standing!! Your best choice if you prefer a bit more convenience in usage, with high quality and performance.

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Reminisce about the rich Dutch heritage. Memory lane sheds a new light on classic themes.

Sky blues made famous by the Dutch Masters like Vermeer are refreshed with new graphic patterns. If you look closely you can see the girl with the pearl earring on the canopy.

This umbrella comes with an unique senz° luxury sleeve to carry your umbrella in style and store it when you don’t need it.

  • The senz° manual is light, easy to hold and opens and closes manually with the push of a button
  • This foldable umbrella easily fits your bag
  • Storm proof excellence up to 80 KM/H

Size opened: 91cm x 91cm x H 57cm Length when closed: 28 cm

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