Skagerak Norr Bread Box


Brand: Skagerak

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Skagerak Norr Bread Box

Norr Bread Box makes it easy to store your bread in a tidy way. The soft leather handles in both sides allows you to bring it into the garden or wherever you need it. This is smart, since the fluted lid also functions as a cutting board. The bread box is made from untreated oak which has excellent antibacterial features and a light, Nordic look.

Materials:  Oak / Leather
Size:  L 34 cm,  W 26,5 cm, H 12 cm

The Designer: “That thing you have always needed. An overlooked object at a flea market that sparks your imagination. An interesting function that can be incorporated into alternative contexts.” As a designer, Ditte Buus Nielsen is inspired by this sort of scenarios, and she prefers to work with her new ideas and products from start to finish. Ditte Buus Nielsen has an MSc in industrial design from Aalborg University. Along with the functional aspect, simple expressions that are drafted on paper and translated into miniature mock-ups are what trigger Ditte’s creative mind.

The Brand: Skagerak are a Danish design company with roots deeply grounded in Scandinavian design and tradition for good craftsmanship. They are owned by Jesper and Vibeke Panduro, who live with their two children in the Northern harbour city of Aalborg. This is where Skagerak was founded too, back in 1976, when the first dreams of making long-lasting design took form.

We know that Skagerak [ˈsɡæjɐʁaɡ] can be a little hard to pronounce; so allow them to explain what it means. From the northern tip of Denmark runs a strait connecting their little country with their Scandinavian neighbours: Sweden and Norway. That strait is called Skagerrak (with two Rs) – and historically it’s been a crucial factor in developing the Nordic region.

They like to think of themselves as similar to the strait: forever the same – unchangeable – yet always on the move and presented in new ways. They are old and traditional, but also new and experimenting – constantly mixing state-of-the-art ideas and methods with longstanding knowhow and virtues deeply embedded in the Nordic culture.

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Dimensions 34 × 26.5 × 12 cm