Stelton Christmas Angle Candle Holder


Brand: Stelton

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Stelton Christmas Angle Candle Holder

Stelton Christmas Angle Candle Holder

– Christmas Eve is the high point in Scandinavia and Northern Europe for young and old alike. There is great excitement, and it can be quite a challenge for the children to stay seated at the dinner table. The While Waiting candle holders, designed by Finn Næss-Schmidt, have been conceived as an entertaining Christmas table feature that makes the waiting time more fun for everyone.

Stelton Christmas in brushed brass and clean lines is designed for you to mix and match special items that all exude a stunning soft glow on any Christmas dinner table, home decoration or Christmas tree.

Size:  H 6 cm, Dia 6 cm

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Finn Næss-Schmidt (born 1945) boasts a 45-year career with the Royal Porcelain Factory of Denmark, where he started as a glaze painter. In his role as both Head of Product Development and Designer, Finn has been working with tableware, centerpieces, Christmas decorations and more.

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