Stelton Press Tea Maker 1L Norman Foster


Brand: Stelton
Designer: Norman Foster

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Stelton Press Tea Maker 1L Norman Foster

Stelton Press Tea Maker 1L Norman Foster – British architect Norman Foster used a combination of stainless steel, porcelain and glass to create this tea sett for Danish brand Stelton

Foster’s collection features a selection of stainless steel tableware for evening use, including wine goblets, a carafe, bowls and a tray..

These are joined by coffee cups, a sugar bowl, a thermos flask and a water jug made from porcelain and glass.

While the material differs, the collection is joined together through the use of soft, rounded silhouettes – which Foster describes as “power of the curve”.

Stainless steel, gold

Size: H 24 cm,  W 12.4 cm, L 16.2 cm.

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