Stelton Treepod Christmas Tree Holder


Brand: Stelton
Designer: Klaus Rath

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Stelton Treepod Christmas Tree Holder

Stelton Treepod Christmas Tree Holder – The Treepod Christmas tree holder, designed by Klaus Rath, ensures that the Christmas tree is stable and stands both elegantly and safely. The Treepod, made from aluminium and light beech wood, allows you to adjust the holder to the trunk of the tree.

Filling the bowl under the tree with water keeps the Christmas tree fresh for longer.

The absolutely unique thing about the Treepod Christmas tree holder is its legs, which can be folded up to save space when not in use.

If necessary, the set screws can be lubricated with acid-free oil

Beech natural

Height: 25 cm, Depth: 74 cm, Length: 65 cm

Stelton Christmas Video

Klaus Rath was born in 1964 and was educated as an industrial designer from the School of Architecture in Århus, Denmark. Among his clients so far have been companies such as GN Netcome, GN Mobile, Modulex and the Danish Social Ministery, working on both, product and graphic design.

Klaus Rath has been recognized with e.g. the IF Design award 2001, 2002 and 2005, the G-Mark Design award 2003 as well as the CES Design award 2006.

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