Stelton w Arne Jacobsen AJ Champagne Cooler


Brand: Stelton
Designer: Arne Jacobsen

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Stelton w Arne Jacobsen AJ Champagne Cooler

This special Champagne Cooler was inspired by Arne Jacobsen’s original AJ wine cooler/ice bucket designed in 1969 as part of his Bar Set. The simple cylindrical shape makes for a striking silhouette in any interior. Absolutely ideal for chilling Champagne or wine, the handle blends beauty with practicality, making it easy to carry.

Size: Ø: 17,8 CM H: 21 CM

Material: Stainless Steel

The Designer: Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) is one of the most acknowledged Danish architects and designers worldwide. With an astounding curiosity, originality and creativity Arne Jacobsen played an important role in modernism and the Danish design history and present-day designers are still highly influenced by his works.

With an educational background within architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Arne Jacobsen had an extraordinary understanding of proportion that he applied to his works. With a keen eye for detail, he undertook architectural projects that included all elements of interior design, creating visionary and fully coherent concepts. Most of his famous furniture designs like the Ant, the Swan and the No. 7 chair and lamp designs were originally created for architectural projects.

Arne Jacobsen designed the award-winning cocktail and tableware series Cylinda-line for Stelton in 1967 that has become the essence of Stelton’s design DNA. Cylinda-line was recognised with the ID-prize 1967 by The Danish Society of Industrial Design and The International Design Award 1968 by The American Institute of Interior Designers.

The Brand: Founded in 1960, Stelton is an innovative, trend setting design brand house based on the Scandinavian design philosophy. Their products need to have a purpose, meet our consumers needs and be functional. They believe in simplicity and Scandinavian minimalism. They believe that shape and function must create a synthesis that embodies innovative and different ideas in regard to concept, design and materials. They live and believe in less is more.

This design philosophy is the key to Stelton’s success and includes four main categories: Timelessness, Simplicity, Functionality, Innovation

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