&Tradition Lato Mable Table


Brand: & Tradition
Designer: Luca Nichetto
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&Tradition Lato Mable Table

&Tradition Lato Mable Table – At first glance, Lato resembles a sculpture, with its slim, oval or round table top balanced by an oval-shaped base. Striking, graphic and poetic, its purity of form is proof that simple is sophisticated. The initial inspiration for Lato started with the idea of a lollipop turned upside down. A classic shape from a candy most people recognise from childhood. But how do you turn a lollipop into a table? “Growing up on an island like Murano, I was surrounded by creativity,” explains Nichetto. “Artisans with an immense knowledge and love of materials, who I watched transform abstract concepts into concrete reality. With Lato, I wanted to keep the simplicity and streamline it into a timeless side table in a style that could easily be the centre of attention.”

Enjoy this stunning example of a sculpture that’s a side table – and vice versa.

Marble base and steel top.

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