Vipp 109 Towel Set 4pcs Black


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Vipp 109 Towel Set 4pcs Black

The Vipp towels are woven in a combination of viscose rayon (bamboo) and organic cotton. Organic cotton adds softness, while viscose rayon lets the towels absorb more water and dry faster. Available in a box of four – two hand towels and two bath towels.

With a special blend of soft, organic cotton and absorbing bamboo fibres, the Vipp towels present a fluffy drying experience.

The Vipp Towels are made of 35% bamboo fibres and 65% organic cotton. Cotton provides durability, while bamboo adds softness, a beautiful finish and outstanding absorption abilities. Quality: 600g/m2


2 x Hand Towels, 50 x 100 cm

2 x Bath Towels, 75 x 135 cm 

The Brand: Vipp was born out of a need for functional tools in the professional market. Just like Holger Nielsen, who crafted bins for Danish clinics, they consider themselves as ‘tool builders’ measuring the quality of their tools on their long-term ability to provide better every day experiences.

Today, Vipp is a 3rd generation family-owned company run by Holger’s daughter Jette Egelund, her two children Kasper and Sofie together with 45 employees. Their home base is Islands Brygge, Copenhagen from where they steadily grow their product range spanning the categories of kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, lighting, accessories, and prefab homes. 

Whether producing a suction hook or a shelter their driving ambition is always to bring functional principles found in the professional market into the private home with genuine, industrial design objects. Though the Vipp bin never made it beyond the Danish borders during Holger Nielsen’s lifetime, today Vipp reaches far across boarders into 30 countries and with a second home in their New York showroom.

‘Our ambition is to fill the world with fewer, but better products, favouring staying power over fading trends.’

The story of Vipp: From Marie to MoMA VIDEO


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