Vipp 12 Bathroom Kitchen Suction Hook 2 pcs


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Vipp 12 Bathroom Kitchen Suction Hook 2 pcs

Designed: 2013

Origin: Denmark

The Vipp suction hook is a handy helper in the bathroom or kitchen. Easily mount it on any plain surface – even in the shower – and hang items such as the Vipp shower wiper or dishwashing brush. Available in packages of two.

The suction hook is made of stainless steel and rubber. Mount items like the Vipp shower wiper or dishwashing brush securely on plain surfaces without the need of drilling holes in tiles and walls. Simply activate the suction hook by pushing the hanger upwards and it adheres to the surface. The high quality steel allows the suction hook to be placed even in the shower without any risk of corrosion. The Danish Technological Institute has tested the adherence ability of the Vipp Suction Hook.

The suction hooks were mounted on a glass surface and loaded with 500g, 750g and 1000g weights. After three weeks all of the suction hooks were still sitting perfectly on the surface.

They had not even slid downward. MAINTENANCE Stainless steel surfaces should be cleaned and polished with a microfibre cloth, glass cleaner or other non abrasive and gentle cleaning agents. Rubber parts should be cleaned with a moist cloth.

MATERIAL Massive stainless steel rubber

Size:  Dia. 4.4 cm,  Depth 2.8 cm.

The story of Vipp: From Marie to MoMA VIDEO

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