Vipp 13 Spare Galvanized Steel Inner Bin


Brand: Vipp
Designer: Holger Nielsen

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Vipp 13 Spare Galvanized Steel Inner Bin

Origin: Denmark

Inner bin for Vipp pedal bins. The inner bin is made from durable, galvanized steel. Remember to choose the size that fits your bin.

Replacement or spare inner bin for Vipp 13

Material: Galvanized steel.

Size: H 18.8 cm, Dia 18.6 cm.

Vipp’s ambition is a world with fewer but better products. The philosophy present in all Vipp products is taken straight out of the bin – evoking function over form and staying power over fading trends.

Holger Nielsen’s original pedal bin was not designed in the strict traditional sense but got its visual expression in response to a series of functional criteria: A large foot for stability, a domed steel lid on top which is easy to clean, ears on the side of the body so it is easy to move around and a rubber ring at the base for protection the floor. These functional dogmas remain the starting point for all Vipp products.

Panik Design is an Authorised Dealer for Vipp.

Watch the making of the Vipp bin VIDEO

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