Vipp 5 Bathroom Soap Dish Black


Brand: Vipp

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Vipp 5 Bathroom Soap Dish Black

Vipp 5 Bathroom Soap Dish Black

Origin: Denmark

The Vipp soap dish neatly stores soap bars in the bathroom. Featuring dishwasher-proof rubber parts, the soap dish can easily be taken apart for cleaning. A rubber base protects surfaces, while a rubber groove keeps the soap dry.

Plenty reasons to sing in the shower when your soap is kept safe and dry on the rubber-grooved insert in the soap dish. Rounded edges, dishwasher-proof rubber parts and protective bases are common traits in our family of bathroom accessories.

The soap dish has an integrated rubber insert with grooves to keep the soap dry. Soft rubber base protects surfaces. All rubber parts are dishwasher safe.

Material: Stainless steel, silicone rubber and powder coating.

Size: H  2.7 cm,  L. 14.8 cm,  W. 5.8 cm.

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