Vipp 982 Medium Sink w Bathroom Tap


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Vipp 982 Medium Sink w Bathroom Tap

Origin: Denmark

This is the medium-sized version of the Vipp bath modules, ideal for bathrooms where storage space is needed. All three available Vipp bath modules are fitted with a durable tabletop with integrated sink and Vipp bathroom tap. This bath module has one sink and three drawers.

No matter the layout of your bathroom, you can downscale or upscale your Vipp bath module to fit your needs. The bath modules are available in small, medium or large.

The Vipp bath modules present an uninterrupted surface with integrated sink, made to withstand powder room pressure.

Ensuring a quick way to cleanliness, the large Vipp bath module comes with one Vipp bathroom tap in stainless steel.

All three available bath modules are made from powder-coated aluminium and steel with a tabletop in durable DuPont Corian©. INCLUDED WITH VIPP983 BATH MODULE, LARGE Two integrated sinks in DuPont Corian© One Vipp906 bathroom tap in stainless steel Four drawers MATERIALS Powder-coated aluminium and steel, stainless steel, DuPont Corian© Colour: White

Module Size: H 38.7 cm, L 12.6 cm, Depth 46 cm.

The story of Vipp: From Marie to MoMA VIDEO

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