Vola Combi 23 Shower Set


Brand: Vola

Water pressure needed for best performance 1.4 BAR

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Vola Combi 23 Shower Set

Vola Combi 23 Shower Set

Origin: Denmark

¾” Thermostatic mixer with 3-way diverter. 
Combi-23UP = Thermostatic mixer 5400NVA3, 2 pcs. 200M. 
Combi-23AP = Handle NR51, handle NR52, handle NR64G, hand shower and hand shower holder with non-return valve 070R, hose 1500 mm, 2 pcs. 080K, 3 pcs. 60 mm circular flange 001, 3 pcs. 2001.
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The Brand: Celebrating continuity celebrating change, Vola intend to defend and develop their position as an exclusive design brand, representing the best of Scandinavian design. They will always produce VOLA taps and mixers in Denmark and They’ll always use the highest quality raw materials. They will take care to preserve resources such as energy and water. While respecting their design heritage, they will invest in new product development to reinforce their leadership status. Even revolutionary design can benefit from technology led evolution.

They see their employees and organisation as their strongest asset. They work together as a family and live the VOLA brand values every day to keep their promise to the VOLA customers.

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